How to Properly Store Toddler Scarves in Your House

How to Properly Store Toddler Scarves in Your House

The responsibility of keeping kids’ items safely and in the right way lies on parents. Scarves for toddlers are important accessories to them and need proper storage after use. Storing these scarves does not require a lot of investment in cash. Numerous affordable options exist at home or in the market. At home, you can make use of apparatus meant for other purposes but currently not in use. Alternatively, you can purchase simple storage products from the stores at a low cost. Some of the most convenient methods include:

Scarves hanger

You can conveniently acquire a simple hanger for toddlers’ scarves from the stores or online purchase. These allow for proper hanging of the scarves for toddlers in a way that they don’t wrinkle. Besides, the hanger ensures that the scarf does not overstretch and lose the integrity of its structure. The hangers also come in a portable nature and can, therefore, get moved easily to places of convenience in the house. Additionally, you find them in relatively small size hence occupying less space.

Towel rail

One might have a towel rail that they rarely use in its entirety. You can, therefore, utilize the space to store scarves for toddlers. Here, you can either hang the scarf on the rail like you do with towels or twist them around it. Moreover, you can also tie them as you do with the scarf on your neck. These are also space friendly and out of reach for toddlers.

Clear plastic containers

Scarves for toddlers don’t need to always hang on something during storage. You can alternatively place them in clear cups while neatly folded to avoid wrinkles. The applicability of this method, however, requires the availability of a drawer. The reason being that you cannot place the cups anywhere in the house to avoid regular drops and dirt entry.

Clothespins and tension rod

This is another efficient way of organizing scarves for toddlers in the house. Moreover, you only need to have several pieces of clothing pins and a tension rod. Therefore, one can term this as the most accessible and affordable method. In the absence of the tension rod, you can use a metal rod or pin on the towel rail.

These are four ways that you can keep scarves for toddlers in good shape. All these storage options are also widely available and will not cost you anything.

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